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Re: hello
December 11, 2002


Hello lloyd,

Hope this finds you ok. im very intrested what hearbs your on.  what helps the tremendouse fatique?  i dont ever want to go back to that poision! its been 2 mos. or more since i stoped and im still loosing hair!  im on noni, fo ti, a detox combo. vitamins, and eating healthy but im so weak at times!  i truly want to rise above this as i know theres more quality to my life.  if you have sugestions please responed. thank you.


Hi K.,

Make sure you are not taking any vitamins that have iron in them.

For the problems you mention I suggest taking some moducare.  It will help your hair growth allot.  Take NADH for some energy.  Also Pure Synergy, Vitamin B 5, Lots of dandelion root tea to get the poison out, at least a quart a day, afternoon and evening.

Also I would be taking milk thistle 400 mg 3 x day, lopic acid 200 mg 3 x day, Selenium 400 mcg per day from all sources.

Personally I would be doing my entire program but these are the key items for what you asked.   Attached please find a list if what I did. Also you should check out my book so you get all the info you need to survive.  Most of it is available at for free.

In good health,

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