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Crusading for the Holiday!
December 10, 2002


I am on a crusade.
The world needs to know what we are being put through by
our antiquated monetary-driven medical system.

Doctors need to wake up!
They are sleeping when it comes to Hepatitis C and in many other areas!

Let's help educate the American public about our perils.  One of the ways we can do this is to place Triumph Over Hepatitis C in every health food store in America. This will put it in the face of the people who care about health.

If you order a copy of 'Triumph Over Hepatitis C'
from your health food store,
pay for it and take delivery of the book,

ISBN # 0-9676404-4-X
provide me proof of purchase
via FAX (310) 457-9449
or mail it to:
Lloyd Wright
PO Box 6347
Malibu, CA 90264
I will take $ 50.00 off of your next order.

Your Health Food Store can order the book from
(Royal Publications) (303) 778-8383.

I will appreciate this, your health food store will love it and the people of the world with HEP C will flourish because the rest of the population will learn about what is happening right here in our own country!

Please help us get educated!
In Good Health,


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