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Thank you for Reishi
August 2, 2002



First I wanted to thank you for sending me out a lb. of the Reishi slices for free to make up for the order mix up when I got the pills instead. I really appreciate this!

Secondly I wanted to thank you for supplying all these wonderful supplements at such low prices! This is a very expensive disease to treat and all help is welcomed!

And thirdly thank you for making it your mission to help other Hep C victims in their search for health. As I have read in your message board you have given many people hope in a world where they are feared, ignored, bullied by their Drs. and not given much to hope for except the promise of a long, debilitating, horrible death. I found out I had Hep C a year ago and have been researching and trying to find the best things to help my body heal from this virus. I am lucky that I have a low viral count and no liver damage as of yet so I have the luxury of time to research this and figure out the best path for me to follow.

I knew from the beginning that Interferon was not for me. I get tests every 4 months to track my progress. I am due in August for the next set and I will send you a chart of all the numbers over the last year when I get them back. The last 3 months I have been using Natcell Thymus, Adrenal and the many herbs and teas in your herb schedule. I feel great and expect to see good results! Since the beginning I have been using an "alternative" approach to my healing, using many of the same herbs and supplements you suggest and have been under the care of a Naturopath/ Chinese medicine Dr.. I felt good, many of my symptoms got better but my test results changed only slightly.

Since I started on the Thymus I have felt a big improvement. Energy is returning no need to take a nap in the middle of the day! Lots of other symptoms have disappeared as well. When I have my next set of numbers I will send them to you with a brief history of my journey, to add to your data on people who are using the products you offer.

I also had a suggestion for you, only because we (all Hep c sufferers) need your continued help and support. Take care of yourself! Make sure you take time for you as a person out side of this so you can keep up with your mission! A member of my family is a well known crusader for another illness, though she is not in the Alternative world she is still Ignored and ridiculed by her colleges and I see how hard this is on her and all the effort she puts into her mission really takes a toll.

Thanks again for everything!


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