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RE: Please Help
August 19, 2002


Hello Lloyd,

I am very grateful to have learned about your book and treatment. I cannot thank you enough for your help, and thank God that you have the courage and the will to help others as well.

I am getting no support or anything that I would describe as proper medical care now that I have refused to let them pump me full of Peg-Interon. I guess I should consider myself lucky that they at least gave me a standing order to go take tests and then give me a copy afterwards. I though I was doing great until a recent test came back. I really need your advice if you could please spare me a moment of your time.

I started following your program (as much as I can afford to) since about 12/01, and everything was progressing nicely (all documents attached). Enzymes coming down and loads: 1st test 850,000; 2nd exact count test 611,000; 3rd 534,000.   But the forth jumped to over 4 million! and because I had hoped that it was wrong, I had another one done a week later and it was down, but still over 3 million. During the time between the 3rd and last tests (two months), the following occurred: -Changed anti depressants (SSRI roulette) from Celexa 20mg daily (which I had been taking all along) to Paxil (which didn't work) to Prozac (which made me feel worse) to Effexor 150mg daily. Then even that didn't work so I stopped taking everything.

Finally, I just could not stand it and started taking Celexa again. The only reason that I changed in the first place was that I had read that Celexa is bad for the liver long term.  I am back taking the Celexa and occasional Xanax which I had been taking previously until I can get in to see a physiatrist about this wicked depression I find myself in.

Went through a week of extreme stress I think now that this was due to the Prozac - started taking it on a Thursday and by Sunday I was extremely depressed and unstable. I required hospitalization and events there actually made me feel worse. Really freaked me out. -Started getting concerned about losing too much weight and started to include some additional foods to my diet, such as ice cream, fish, nuts, eggs, and had a few non-alcoholic beers (12 over two months) to remind me of the old days.

-I am taking: (all from your website)

Live cell thymus every other day
Thymus capsules 1000mg three times daily
Milk thistle capsules two three times daily
| Milk Thistle tea - 1-2 quarts per day
Dandelion root tea - 1-2 quarts a day
Selinium 200mcg twice daily
Lipioc Acid 200mg three times daily
Super Vitamin B complex 1 twice daily
Vitamin C 1000mg three times daily
Calcium supplement

My diet is vegan and as organic as possible. I am eating artichokes daily, and in general the healthiest diet I have ever had.

So my questions are:

Can you attribute the spike in viral load to anything above or can it be expected to jump around?

How does my biopsy look? Do you see anything on any of the blood work that I should be concerned about? Should I expect my ALT levels to be lower by now? I attached all my records for your review.

Sorry for the flood of attachments. I appreciate any help you can give, and I admire all your hard work and courage. Please keep in mind when you get down that you are the guy that has given me hope that I will indeed someday get to see my grandchildren. The most precious gift - a gift of time.

Bless you Lloyd

Hi D.:

I have read every test you provided, I have found from talking with 1000s of people who have hep c that mood elevators, Prozac, celexa etc. have a very distinct effect on the viral load.

In particular celexa doubles and triples the viral load in every person that has reported there use to me. In some the viral load just continues to climb. These items scramble the brain function. That is my opinion but what really happens is that the brain chemistry is changed. This change appears to cause more than what the pill was designed to do. I realize there is no documation of this except mine. I have discussed this at length with a noted physcritist. He, of coarse knows little or nothing about hep c but he did feel that I was on to something that should be brought to the attention of the medical profession. The mere fact that you mixed these products may have caused the rise in viral load.

Your doctor will not agree. After reading your tests, it is possible that they are not the same. I suspect this because the first 2 say Amplification The last 2 say Quantitation Amplification This is a different test than the quantative or the qualitative. One of your tests is a range test. The range test and the rest of the tests have different senitivite and can not be used to compare each other. Your viral load may not have changed that much. I do not know because I do not know how much difference there is between them. I do see 10 times the difference between tests each day of my life but they are tests I have seen before.

There are well over 100 different types of viral load test for hep c all calling themselves PCR. They can not be compared. One needs to get the same test each time by the same lab, one with an exact number to know what is really happening. In your case, aside from the confusing test, the mood elevator is no doubt causing a swing in the viral load.

Do not let this alarm you! The viral load is not connected to the AST, ALT or symptoms or damage. Not at all!

Your mind comes first and if you are depressed then that comes first. When you get that under control then your viral load will no doubt come down again. Do not be in a hurry. This is a slow disease and my program is working even if you can not see the viral load coming down. It is still supporting your immune system. Drink more dandelion root tea and do Hyssop tea fasts.

Hyssop fast,
Drink 2 quarts of hyssop tea per day for 3 to 4 days and avoid red meat and dairy.

I think you do that anyway. But try the hyssop. It is an amazing cleaner and may help. Expect viral load swings while on mood elevators. Try Same or Zen. In good health


PS. I would love to post this message because people and doctors need to know this information. I remove all names address etc. If it is OK, please let me know.

Hi Lloyd,

Thank you so much for your help! Please feel free to post, I hope it helps someone someday. I can't wait until my next test and will keep you informed as to the progress. Words cannot express my gratitude for your efforts.



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