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Not Cured Yet But Getting Better
August 16, 2002


Hi Lloyd,

I would like to thank you and your staff you are all very helpful. I don't know if you remember our phone conversation in May so I will briefly recap.

At the beginning of the year my insurance changed and the HMO had there own labs to do the test, I am sure much cheaper. On the test in May there was new terminology that was unfamiliar to us. It was a HCV QUANTASURE PLUS and it measured HCV RNA using real-time Polymerase. And in our conversation I was not taking the Thymus on a completely empty stomach I may have had a drink of water or taken some of the supplements that is also suppose to be taken on an empty stomach. I told you that I would stay on the program for another sixty days to give it a fair shot since there was some variables and that I would pay for the test from the original Lab.

Also at that time I put myself on the waiting list for interferon. They have not contacted me yet but from the results below you can probably figure out what I am going to tell them if they call. Along with this E-mail I am sending copies of my lab reports through the mail for you to see.

HCV RNA iu/ml
July 23 2002
May 2002
December 2001

That means we have killed 2,529,000 of these vicious little viruses since I started your program in mid February 2002.

I am not cured yet but happy with these results. My original symptom was continuous fatigue, I don't know if this makes any since to you but when I get fatigued now I really hate it because now it has become more of an exception than the normal way of life. My memory is getting better along with other things I see improvement in that I was writing off as getting older. Also you will notice when you get my lab reports in the mail there is two from July. On the first one the blood drawing station put down the wrong lab code and it showed greater than 600,000. (Jill pointed this out to me over the phone very sharp lady and pleasant to talk to, your lucky to have her on your staff. Thanks Jill) I called the lab and they said they would rerun the test if the Doctor would call and tell them it was the wrong test.(they hold the blood for 21 days) They also said they would not charge me for the wrong test. That was a relief since I am paying for it and not the insurance company. This was done by Quest Diagnostics they also told me the code for the correct test is 44263N.

From the way I feel and science is validating that this is working I have placed an order for a 90 day supply of supplements (I am taking your advice on saving money on shipping). Please contact me if you see some thing that I need to do or remove from your program. Feel free to use this on your message board just remove my last name.



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