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My Mothers Love
August 14, 2002


Dear Lloyd,

The other day I was visiting my parents, and they couldn't say enough about how good I looked. My 75 year old mother, who is a great fan of yours and what you are doing decided she wanted to write you a little note.

Since she had a little stroke last year, things such as writing and concentrating are a little more difficult for her. She went outside with her pen and stationary, and I left her alone for quite a while. I finally went to her to see if she was done, and she was just sitting there quietly. I asked her how she was doing, and she said she couldn't decide how to finish her note to you, and she started to cry. She said she wanted to tell you that she loves you with all of her heart, but she didn't want to "freak you out", after all, she's never even met you.

I am passing this along to you because it was so touching to me, and I hope my Mothers love and prayers for you will give back to you just a little bit of what you give to so many people, every single day. You should be receiving her note in the mail soon.

Take care,


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