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My Update
August 1, 2002


Good Evening Lloyd,

This is T.M., I just want share with you my last Blood test result. Since that I cut Interferon Combo, and start your programm 3 months ago, my energy is everywhere, my ALT is 21, AST is 24, I feel great, I'am still taking the teas every day. My Virual load last month was in the normal range, My nutritionist told my that I don't have any virus in my blood, NO VIRUS, SO FAR...YES YES.

My Test result is perfect, the only things that is out range is the Platelet count 134, reference range 140-400, What should I do? Keep the same way that I'm doing? Please let me know, what I can do, to raise my Platelet count. For all my friends out there...DON'T STOP, in my case, The Dragon has red ass so far, because I follow Mr. Lloyd Wright's suggestions, and a work...You can do it too.

Thanks Million MR. Wright, I will let you know my next result, I wish the best for you, and all your TEAM, God Bless every single day....


Hi T.M:

This is GREAT!

Natcell thymus will help raise your platelet count. It takes a while, especially after interferon use. If you would like it to go up faster the Natcell Liver and Mesenchyme usually help it along at a faster pace.

In good health


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