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Availability of Healthier Food a Necessity
August 10, 2002


The Establishment considers healthy eating of nutritious, unprocessed and unadulterated food to be a LUXURY and therefore is much more expensive today.

Eating healthier prevents many of the chronic diseases we see skyrocketing, again, today. Eating healthy is a NECESSITY for illness prevention in the general population, a MUST for those already chronically ill, and absolutely MANDATORY for those in the immune epidemics.

Since these healthier foods are so expensive, many can not afford them and is devastating to the health of those chronically ill and living in or near poverty level. Remember, "Since food is medicine, let your kitchen be your pharmacy."

Do you know who now controls most of our food supply?
Corporate America has gradually taken control of most of our food and bottom line profits is their main concern, not your health!

Please be very involved in our fight to turn this around in our country.
All our lives do and will depend on it at some point in time.

Allene R. Wahl, Ph.D., C.N.C.
Int'l. Resource Center for Chemically Induced Immune Disorders

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