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Recent Test--VERY IMPORTANT!!!
April 9, 2002

Dear Lloyd,

I was diagnosed with Hep C in Dec. 2000.At that time my alt was 148.
In Jan, 2001 I began your program.
In March,2001 I had another blood test and my alt was 61
-- HCV RNA PCR Quant 191,000
In April,2001 I took another test prior to gallbladder surgery alt was 46
---- HCV RNA PCR Quant 137,000

I was thrilled but my doctor said it didn't mean anything as I wasn't taking anything he recognized as a cure and the liver enzymes were still high. I continued on your program but not as aggressively as I should as this ass of a doctor? put so many doubts in me. I felt better but thought it was because there was no more gallbladder pain or problems.

For the hell of it I took another test last week (after a lot of stress and wine) and today got the results. Are you ready for this??????
alt 34-normal
and HCV RNA PCR Quant 2590 !!!!!!!!!

I will get aggressive from now on as I want to prove there is a cure.

Next year this time , if not before, my blood will be free of this virus.

Thank you for -----whatever-----just THANK YOU!!!

ps I am placing another order in 5 minutes even though I can't afford it.


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