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It's Working!!!
April 4, 2002

Hi Lloyd!

I was diagnosed with HCV in September 2001. At that time my doctor sent me to a specialist who took some blood tests, then wanted nothing more than to put me on the Peg Intron treatment after having a liver biopsy. I told her my wife and I wanted to wait until after the Christmas holidays to start anything, the specialist agreed.

Anyhow, after researching everything I could find about HCV on the internet I finally came across your site. I ordered "Triumph" and read it, as did my wife. We talked and agreed I would try your treatment for 6 months just to see if it really worked. My thinking was I'd rather feel better while I was being treated than take the chance on the Peg Intron I'd heard so many horrors stories about.

I started your program on January 19, 2002 including the frozen thymus, aloe, milk thistle & dandelion root teas, etc.

Here's my blood work so far.

Viral Load
October 23, 2001
599,000 IU/mL
March 22, 2002
409,000 IU/mL

In just over two months my AST has returned to normal levels, my ALT is just slightly elevated, and my Viral Load has dropped nearly 1/3!

I know these numbers aren't as dramatic a drop as some of your other clients but I've just got to tell you these numbers are very encouraging to my wife & I! I look forward to my next blood tests in another 3 months!

Thank you so much for the time and effort that you put forth for us all, it's very much appreciated!



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