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Re: hey lloyd its me K~
April 23, 2002

Hi Lloyd,

Things are great here in south carolina, been busy with school and this is the first time on the computer in 10 days or so.. on the topic of the teas i do not sweeten the bitter ones because digestion starts in the mouth and mind, when we send messages to the digestion system that we are about to send in bitters the body expects bitters, they are wonderful in helping us with this to sweeten them would be almost an oxy-moron... i do sweeten the mushroom a little with licorice but i have become so in love with your teas that i respect each ones unique quality and i accept them just the way they are, it is like sipping a fine wine for me.

well sweetie maybe one day we will be able to sit in each others presence and sip together, i do hope so.... each day i learn more and more about the wonder of life, love and healing....isn't it wonderful!

Take care of yourself, be gentle....



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