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Re: Natcell order
April 2, 2002

Hi Lloyd,

Thanks for the information on the NatCell shipment.

Yes, Bill is doing better. I sent an email back in February, but had trouble sending it to you. Anyway, we finally were able to get the right test taken!!!

His viral count in 1998 was 13,700,000 IU/ml. In February 2002 it was 7,640,000 IU/ml. This treatment is definitely working! Of course, we were hoping the count would be even lower after a year, but are still extremely pleased with the results.

We are continuing the treatment and just being patient. I felt from the very beginning that this would work. Unfortunately, I can't give you a more detailed time frame with the viral count, because as you know, we had a difficult time trying to get the medical people to run the right test. But now that we know what to do, we'll be able to monitor it better.

I would most definitely recommend this treatment to anyone who is battling Hep C! I still try to keep up with the "conventional" treatments being offered and to my knowledge, there is nothing new going on in the medical industry to help fight this. From what I've heard, the new "Peg" intron treatment is no better than the Interferon/Rebatron combination therapy. They are saying that the response rate is better, approx. 30%. Still not good enough to go through all that and definitely not a cure.

Anyway, Bill and I are doing fine and each day is a great day since we know we are closer to curing this virus, thanks to you!

Have a Great Day
C. D.


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