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April 17, 2002


My husband and I are reading your book right now and it is so surreal!  We just wanted to say nice job on informing the public what they need to know.  We have been told that my husband will not get better and basically "sorry - can't turn back the hands of time", etc.  You know the story.

Anyhow, we have researched these past few weeks. (he was just diagnosed a few weeks ago but has had it for 30 yrs. His liver is shrunk and spleen enlarged, portal vein hypertension also - likely varisces as well - he is 50 yrs old)

We knew about milk thistle but it is the Thymus that has us interested. We cannot afford much due to his sudden disability and we have two kids but what about the pill form? You said you took 500mg 3 times a day. Is this better than nothing?

Thanks again for your book - it also kept us in stitches even though this is a serious disease. I still can't believe you got the biopsy without any pain killer first!!!

L. S.

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