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Hey Lloyd its me K~
April 13, 2002

Hey darlin,

Just a few lines to let you know that i feel GREAT!!!!  Thank you so much for the book, i mean "THE BOOK" you are so unique, i mean who else would have given soo much back to their readers, customers, etc. well i think we are just meant to be together in spirit, cause yours sure does reach right out of that book and touch us, the readers, man i love you soo much as i am sure anyone that does your program can relate, i wish though that we could all meet in a big field somewhere we need to hug you and aunika, man what a cool time that would be, maybe pamela anderson should be approached by you, if not the drs. are gonna get her and we all know the rest..... i think you should be on the "today" show, or regis or oprah what cha think? hey i'll go with you, man we could both be stars, lol ha ha...

Lloyd i found another way to enjoy your delecious teas, it sure makes it a lot easier this way, for me anyway....if i make the teas the night before and there sitting on the counter waiting for me i find that i drink more of them, which means i feel is how i do it.... i take a glass quart size mason jar, in each one i put 1/4 cup of the herb, then i boil water and fill each one up and screw on the lid, this is call an infusion, it works great, i sit them on the counter overnight, the next morning my teas are ready too be strained and enjoyed; now the reishi i put 7 chips with 1 shitaki, the next morning the shrooms need to be simmered for 30 min on low in a glass pot, as do the dandelion...i am still attending school in north carolina for natural healing and we talked about this method last week, man i love it and it works great...

oh and by the way do not sweeten the teas if at all possible they are bitters and need to be ingested as such...i was mixing licorice with everything, not anymore...

I am sending the book back to you because i want you to sign it! I just love heros, and you are still my number one hero.....

hugs, and much love and respect,


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