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"NO! NO!" was his answer
April 13, 2002

Dear Mr. Wright,

My name is S.Z. and I was diagnosed with chronic Hepatitis C (Type IA) in June of 1997.

Since then, I started on the interferon, 3 shots a week and five pills a day...All of the side effects were included... it was horrible, I went from 128lbs to 103lbs. Unfortunately this study did not work!  I had to wait a little over a year before the FDA approved Peg-Intron.  I was of course quite wary of trying this, but the doctors said it would benefit me.  I agreed and started the therapy Dec.15th 2002.  I was on it until March 5th.  A blood test (viral count) then showed it wasn't working so the doctor discontinued me on this...

About 2 weeks before I found out the Peg-Intron wasn't working, my sister-in-law got on the Internet and found your book, Triumph Over Hepatitis C.  Mr. Wright, your book brought me "inspiration."  The first 100 pages reminded me of what I was going through. Although I fortunately do not have cancer.  I went to a gastroenterologist just yesterday April 1st in Houston, Texas.  After his examination I told him that I still have terrible pain in my abdomen, also muscle and joint pain... he said it was not from the Hep C., as I should no longer have side effects.

I then showed him your book and told him I was going to get this alternative medicine. I asked him what he thought about it..."NO! NO!" was his answer. This was the same answer from three of my other doctors.

As a matter of fact, the doctor told me that 80% of the people that have my same disease, can live another 40 years without any kind of medication. I cannot tell you or explain how I felt...I tried their "poison" (Interferon &Peg-Intron) and almost killed myself because of the side effects.

I felt as I shouldn't have even tried it from the get go...then I read your book...and I am going to try your program. I just wanted to let you know how these "so-called doctors" think...I totally believe it's all money...after all, where would pharmaceutical companies be if everyone tried your treatment? I believe there is a cure and the "natural" way is it... Alternative Medicine.

It will probably be a few months before I can get or afford these herbs: milk thistle, Aloe, Hepastat...but I am going to do it and show these doctors what really works.

I also have told a few people I know with this disease about your book. You've given me incentive to carry on with my life, as I still can despite my great deal of pain. I will let you know within a year Mr. Wright; I don't care what the doctors say because I am going to try your way...

Thank you,
S.Z. Texas

P.S. I contracted HCV from a blood transfusion in February 1983.


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