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30 day update
April 12, 2002


Hope all is well with you!  Today is 4 weeks on the program. (I mean "ON" the Program!) I have not missed one herb or tea. I even modify my schedule to accomodate making the teas, etc. This is quite time consuming as you know. I do feel better, and I am cautiously optomistic. I absolutely cannot afford this, however I have decided I would rather live in the poorhouse than die with the help of the doctor's free Peg and Ribo. I will tell you that my body is sending me signs that this is working....

Sounds weird, but all of those people who are doing what I am, certainly understand, as do you.

For the last 2 and 1/2 years my doctors have been trying to figure out my dizziness...... two CAT Scans and 4 MRI's two nuerologists, etc... in the last two dizziness is gone.

For about 1 year I felt like I was old, tired, fatigued, laid on the couch all the time
...... I am back to working with energy, golfing, fishing, yard work, I feel like I used to.

After 2 or 3 years of shoulder and knee pain, that the doctors said could only be fixed with surgery, my knees don't hurt at all, my right shoulder hurts once in a while, Both my shoulders used to hurt 24 hours a day.

The "baseball" under my ribs is 98% gone. When I wake up in the morning, I am awake when I open my eyes, it used to take me an hour to "get going".......

This is after 30 days of your natural program. It's no wonder the drug companies don't want people to know, but so very, very sad.

Just like all the others Lloyd.... I want to thank you. You and what you are doing is an answer to prayer. Without this answer, I would not have found you at all.. I can only imagine. My prayers will continue for you and yours.

Say hi to Jill please for me.
D. S.


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