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AST from 293 to 45

49-year-old male

F.G. first called me from Florida, where I have more clients than any other place on earth, on May 17, 2000.

After an invigorating conversation he ordered everything in the Remedy in Triumph Over Hepatitis C.

He faxed me a blood test dated April 29, 2000

His ALT (SGOT) 109 (normal 0-45)

His AST (SGPT) 293 (normal 0-50)

F.G. has called to discuss my program, how he feels and to discuss related items on several occasions.

On Sept. 25, 2000 I received a fax, (blood test and supplement chart) and a voice message from F.G.  He was delighted.

His AST (SGOT) 45

His ALT (SGPT) 87. Still a little high, but a tremendous improvement.
Also his CBC with differintial/Platlelet was normal.

Most likely F.G. received Hepatitis C from a 'Plasma Transfusion' when he was 28 years old.

The "weekly supplement chart" that F.G. sent me is a very useful tool to keep track of when and how to take each supplement.  I will be posting a downloadable chart for you shortly. We can all Thank F.G. for this great tool.

I thank F.G. very much for this report.  Publishing Triumph Over Hepatitis C is the most rewarding thing I have ever done.

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