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Anaheim Convention Center

I am Lloyd Wright, author of Triumph Over Hepatitis C.
I would like to share some of my experiences with you today.  First I would like to thank Stephanie and her team at Scientific Biologics for inviting me.
In 1979 I was crushed by a bulldozer.  I underwent nine major surgeries to reattach my right leg, received four blood transfusions and unknown at the time, a lethal dose of Hepatitis C. Throughout the following decade I had one doctor after another tell me my liver was swollen and my liver enzymes were a little high.

In 1991 I was diagnosed with malignant testicular lymphoma. Dr. M, my radiation oncologist spent most of his time with me accusing me of being an alcoholic and intravenous drug user because my liver enzymes were so high. In the years that followed, I never felt I recovered from radiation therapy.  In 1993 I became so tired, nauseous and sick I could no longer function. I was diagnosed with various things such as chronic fatigue syndrome, iron overload in my liver, depression and many other things.  I was also told I should see a psychiatrist. Eventually I was accidentally diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 1994 by a blood bank, where they performed phlebotomies on me to reduce the iron in my liver.

After diagnosis, I spent time with the liver specialists, gastroenterologist, and hepatologists.  The one thing that these doctors had in common was that they wouldn't let me ask any questions. Truly I thought doctors just didn't like me.  Basically I was told I had three to five years left and that science may come up with something before my time was up.

I was not ready to die yet. I started going to nutritionist's, naturopaths and chiropractors.  I bought a computer and I began studying Hepatitis C.  I studied people who were treating Hepatitis C all over the world.  I diligently followed the remedy I define in Triumph Over Hepatitis C for18 months. UCLA declared me Hepatitis C Free on April 10, 1997.

In the last year, through the use of the Internet I have communicated with approximately 26,000 people who have Hepatitis C. One thing almost all of them have in common is: "my doctor says herbs are a joke, they are not tested, there are no studies.  Herbs are a waste of money, an expensive sewer additive. The only thing my doctor says is interferon interferon interferon.

There are six known genotypes of Hepatitis C, possibly 7 and at least 50 sub genotypes.  Interferon can have a 20 percent sustained remission in 1 genotype, type 3, the rest are a shot in the dark.  A 20 percent sustained remission means that 20 percent of the people that have that one genotype may have a sustained remission after 6 months of treatment with interferon. Sustained remission is defined as 6 to 12 months hepatitis C non-detected and then it comes back.  This is an incredible amount of suffering, a huge expense for such pathetic results. Interferon has helped some, but very few.  Interferon interferes with the neurotransmitters in the brain stem where there are appox. 15 billion-brain cells. It has an effect on these brain cells very similar to that of the Gulf War Syndrome.

The goal of interferon treatment according to Dr. Gary Davis is "suppression of active disease". "Eradication of the virus does not appear to be a realistic goal in most patients".  Dr. Gary Davis also points out that Ribavirin, used in combination with interferon known as the combo treatment, "has not proven to significantly increase response to interferon in a single published study."
All over this country the medical community is telling its patients that interferon and the combo has a 50% to 80% effective rate.  This is simply not true.

"Most patients who respond to interferon treatment will relapse."  Recent data indicates that virologic relapse occurs more often than previously thought and patients who maintain normal ALT levels still actually have active liver disease.

Most insurance companies and HMOs cover interferon and Ribavirin.  Many of these companies will suspend blood tests from patients who refuse interferon treatment.

Who benefits from all this? Drug Companies and people on their payroll.  There does not appear to be any profitable incentives for doctors to explore new alternatives to interferon.

The other amazing treatment offered by our medical community is do nothing until you have symptoms; we will monitor you.   This treatment is most often prescribed to welfare recipients, people over 55 and cash patients.

I am beginning, however, to have many doctors purchasing my book and treating patients using my remedy including Dr. S, medical director of the Los Angeles County mental health department.  Dr. S  tells me that he has been trying to persuade his colleagues for years that they are approaching Hepatitis C improperly.

The progression of the hepatitis C virus before symptoms appear can be stopped in its tracks in many cases. Liver enzymes can be back to normal and the viral load reduced by implementing the remedy found in Triumph Over Hepatitis C.

There is a lot of news media misinformation about Hepatitis C. For example the Los Angeles Times, Editorial, July 17, 2000 stated " Hepatitis C, a blood-born, potentially fatal liver disease spread mostly by sexual contact," The Washington Post Feb. 6, 2000 had hepatitis B and C tied together and they said and I quote "Hepatitis C is mostly transmitted by sexual contact." I am here to tell you Hepatitis C is not a Sexually Transmitted Disease.  Of the 26,000 clients that I have, most are married. Of those, only two couples both have the virus other than couples that admit to having shared needles. Many believe that these incorrect media stories are a result of a broader plan created to cause the populace to believe that Hepatitis C is a Life Style Disease, rather than the Doctor's Office Disease that it is.

My research indicates that not just intravenous drug users initially spread Hepatitis C throughout the land, but, blood banks who paid lower income individuals, often drug addicts and alcoholics, back in the 1950s, '60s and '70s a few dollars for a pint of blood. This blood was then used in hospitals and doctors' offices and Hepatitis was passed on throughout society to the point of perhaps as many as 300 million worldwide. That is more than the total number of people living in the U.S. today. Also I would like to point out that back in the 60s there was a government program where the use of reusable polio vaccine needles was implemented. This can explain how entire families have been infected.

In the United States veterans have more Hepatitis C than other groups. Estimates range from ten to 35 percent for pre Vietnam veterans and as high as 65 percent for Vietnam era veterans.

Homosexuals also have a higher incidence of Hepatitis C than heterosexuals. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at least 4 million Americans are infected and 2.7 million of them have chronic liver disease.

Now a little about the politics of Hepatitis C. As of December 1998 the total number of Americans ever diagnosed with AIDS is 688,200,according to the Centers for Disease Control Prevention.  That is less than three-quarters of one million. We turn on the television, the radio, or read a newspaper and usually there is some mention of AIDS. Hepatitis C is rarely mentioned.

Also according to CDCP, several times more people in the United States are suffering with Hepatitis C than AIDS. The death rate from Hepatitis C will surpass that of AIDS in the next 3 years and will increase threefold in the next ten years.

My opinion is that the lack of a cohesive advocacy group or voting block for people who have Hepatitis C translates to a lack of political support for Hepatitis C research.  HIV and AIDS have a powerful Gay and lesbian voting block, something to which politicians pay attention.

The number one cause for liver transplants today in the United States is Hepatitis C. 40 victims die for every one that receives a liver. I have spoken with many of these people who received liver transplants. While being very happy about being alive nearly all of them seem to complain about their quality of life. I do not know much about this except what I hear and I am told that liver transplant recipients must take immune system suppressants for the rest of their lives. They're told to avoid going out in public where they can contact colds the flew and viruses.

There needs to be a NEW emphasis on how we treat Hepatitis C.
Routine testing is being implemented, and interferon sales are at an all-time high.  While those treated with interferon are angry about the complete failure of modern medicine, physicians have a complete lack of awareness about the effectiveness of alternative treatments.

The liver is the largest organ in our bodies.  It performs over 1200 functions.  Part of nearly everything we eat, drink, snort, inject and breathe makes its way through our liver.

When our liver is sick we must design a diet that is good for our liver to aid it in regeneration including foods with antiviral properties to fight the virus.

Victims of Hepatitis C become victims of their own immune systems.  The immune system targets the infected liver cells and sends its killer cells to fight.  These cells, the macrophage, attack the liver cells trying to kill the virus and kill the liver cells instead, causing cirrhosis and eventually death.

Implementing the use of milk thistle strengthens liver cells and keeps toxins from entering, increases the rate of protein synthesis enhancing regeneration of liver cells, and is very affordable.

Properly prepared Aloe Vera contains mucopolysaccharides.  The mucopolysaccharides are the largest long chain polysaccharides, a long chain sugar molecule.  When these polysaccharides meet at the reception sites of the macrophage it stimulates the macrophage into action and can increase its activity tenfold.  These polysaccharides can actually penetrate the cell wall and carry with them the macrophage and kill the Hepatitis C virus inside the cell. The uses of properly prepared aloe are fascinating and many.

Live cell therapy is the center point of the remedy in Triumph Over Hepatitis C

Live cell proteins from the embryo of calves can have a dramatic effect on our immune system. These cells when inside the host animal actually communicate with each other and direct and orchestrate the immune system.  A recent study from the Yale school of medicine indicates that even Yale has found that live cell thymus does help regenerate damaged livers in rats.  You can read about what they found in Hepatology April 2000.

There are many plants, herbs and foods which enhance the macrophage's effectiveness, stimulate and direct the production and release of antibodies, increase the body's own production of interferon and interleukins.  There are also herbs that help liver regeneration and detoxification and help support the health of the entire body.  Which is the only way we currently have to successfully fight Hepatitis C

To suppress the Hepatitis C virus, it is necessary to use a synergy of herbs, foods and supplements.   One of the best formulas that I use is called Hepastat.

This herbal formula is designed to reduce liver damage and help recovery from infection caused by toxic agents such as HAV, HBC, HCV, HDC, and HEV.

Hepastat enhances immune function, activates macrophage activity, and induces interferon and interleukin-3 production.

Hepastat destroys the Hepatitis virus (inside infected liver cells) and inhibits viral reproduction.

Hepastat improves microcirculation and stimulates bile secretion.  I used Hepastat twice daily for 18 months as part of my program until I was Hepatitis C Free.

When interferon fails or it cannot be prescribed by the physician, what the patient hears is, don't worry about this chances are you will die of something else first.  I hear this several times a week.

Hepatitis C has been shown to cause renal failure, hypoglycemia, cardiac dysfunction, pancreatic lesions, internal bleeding, testicular involvement and a 50 percent higher cervical cancer rate in females.

Triumph Over Hepatitis C offers real hope where there seems to be little help!

Triumph Over Hepatitis C is avalable at the scientific bio-logics booth where I will be doing a book signing.  If you have Questions, I will be happy to answer them.

Thank You

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