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37 year old male...

37-year-old male

  • M.L. first called me in early Jan. 2000
  • He ordered my book and then showed it to his alternative doctor.
  • M.L. then ordered everything in my remedy.
  • He called several times for advice and was always reading and seeking every avenue for success.
  • His ALT was 160 (normal 11-66)
  • His AST was 52  (normal 20-57)
  • His HCV RNA QUANT 1.81 million
  • As I learned about new products that showed success with hepatitis C and added them to my website, M.L. would order them and use them as well.
  • M.L. did a parasite cleanse and altered his diet and made life style changes. He is truly a pleasure to work with.  M.L. also saw a few different types of alternative doctors and did other therapies other than those discussed in Triumph Over Hepatitis C. M.L. also had his dental work redone to remove all metal from his mouth.
  • In early august he faxed me his blood work showing normal
  • AST 24 and
  • ALT 43 and his
  • HCV PCR QUANT 350.000. That is down one million four hundred and fifty thousand in 8 months.

I cannot resist a little commentary.  M.L. never doubted me, never questioned my integrity.  He always made me feel like I was part of the family. He followed my program to the letter.

Blood Tests on file.

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