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17, 18 & 19 year old kids...


Thought you might find this interesting. As soon as D. found out he had HCV a couple of weeks ago, the doctor determined that the "gamma globin" shot D. received serving in Korea during the Vietnam War 70-72 is probably how he got the virus, since that is nothing more than human blood and D. has never had a transfusion. D. had me look up everyone that he could remember in the and he started calling all the guys. The man that stood behind him in line when they received the injections (they were best friends in the service) called back last night and got his test results yesterday...POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!  We turned him on to your website and encouraged him not to take the gloom and doom of the medical profession.  D. called back 3 of the others that he had contacted and is waiting to hear from them. K., D's friend, has a yearbook from Camp Ames with 1500 men in it, they will talk again this weekend and figure out what they can do to contact everyone.

Just thought you would find this interesting.
Thanks for all your help.


P., May I put this on my web site, so that others may see it?  L.

BE MY GUEST!!!!!!! Also, D. was also feeling terrible last night after talking to K. after he remembered all the times he gave blood in the army because it gave them a day off!!!!!! They had to get the gamma globin injections because a cook in the camp had hepatitis! We are talking about 17 (D.), 18, 19 and 20 yr old KIDS!!! This is unbelieveable.

I'll keep you updated.

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