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Sharing my Success - Testimonial

Dear Lloyd,

I am writing to share my success and thank you for your work with the HCV.

I am 48 years old.  Although I did some wild and crazy things in the 70's, for the past 20 years I have maintained a lifestyle of healthy living.

This summer I applied for a life insurance policy.  Imagine my surprise and shock when I was denied coverage due to testing positive for the HCV.

I went to the Web and read stories of doom and gloom from the medical community.  Then I visited your site! I ordered your book immediately.

In the meantime, I went to my family doctor who blew this off as "no big deal."  He said it was like being on a slow moving train on a long track, that I would probably live with it, rather that die from it.  He said I should probably have a follow up in about a year and gave me the name of a Gastroenterologist.

Your book came and I read it the first night.  I ordered the supplements right away tried to follow your regime as closely as possible, including the Nat Cell Thymus, which as you know is very expensive. 

I went to the Gastroenterologist and he wanted me to start Interferon.  I said "No it's not really known to work".  He agreed.  He wanted to schedule me for a liver biopsy.  I said, "No it wasn't really going to alter my course".   He said, "Start taking milk thistle, it's the only known thing to work.  He didn't say how much to take or where to get it.  That was OK.  I already knew.

I had been on the supplements for about a week when I went to my Chiropractor.  He said to me," I don't know what it is, but you're putting your body through some tremendous changes.  That's when I told him about the HCV and starting the homeopathic supplements.  He altered his technique that day to work on the area of the spine that controls the Liver function.

I am happy to report that after only 5 weeks of your therapy in combination with my chiropractor, my SGOT (AST) has decreased from 86 to 38 (a reduction of 56% and in some lab reference ranges considered to be within the normal).   My SGPT, (ALT) has decreased from 112 to 54 (a reduction of almost 52%).   Viral load was not drawn on the first set of labs so I have no baseline, but on the second lab draw my viral load was 8,000.

I recently added milk thistle and mushroom teas to my regime.  I plan to have my labs drawn every three months, the next one around mid-November.  I will let you know the results, but again expect to beat this.  Again, thank you for sharing your work.


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