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Guess who loaded the cut trees?  Me!!!

Many of Lloyd’s customers keep in touch with him through their progress.


Sept 21, 2000


     I redid tea the way you said, thanks bud, you are right, and when you put it that way, I'll swallow shit on a stick if it'll work.  Besides, I have never felt sooooo good since I found you.  Hey you were right about the glandular thymus, whoa what a difference, much stronger.  Still trying to get up the doe for the NAT CELL, but feel good, mind is a lot clearer and not misplacing shit around the house anymore.  Able to keep up chores around here without trying to fall asleep on my feet.  So you ARE THE BOSS.   I WILL LISTEN AND LEARN.

Stay healthy, God Bless,

Sept 25, 2000

     Nothing special to say, just thought I pay homeage to you on this beautiful monday morning.  Why you might ask?  Go ahead ask me!!!  Well, I SWEAR no exagerations, Sat & Sun, this last weekend, Kenny & I went to cut wood in Alpine, damn damn damn, I was up at 4:30AM with him, loaded the truck and he cut 7 trees down and guess who loaded the cut trees?  ME!!!!

     Then we came home and "we" unloaded the wood and stacked it.  We did that for the whole two days.  I was like a Thymus & Herb junkie, had my supply with me, with my lemon water and herb tea in the cooler. He took a picture of me carrying wood down the mountain to the truck.  I was tired, but the good kind of tired, ya know?  Before he would say "I'm not keeping you up am I?", cause I was always yawning and stumbling around from fatigue. Sat. Ken said I acted just like his little mountain woman again.  Damn I feel good...Thank you for my life back you little angel...Have a super week, you have a copy of the picture coming when we get it developed.

Stay in good health,

Oct 10, 2000

Hi Lloyd,

     Congrats bud, I see you finally reached the IRS Charitable Organ. level.  Hooray for you and hooray for us.  I have passed your book on to two other people who read it and I understand are ordering now, and I'm waiting for my book to return to me from Missouri.  Give yourself a hug from me, HA HA, hey have a super day and stay healthy for us and YOU!!

     We have gone wood cutting and hauling for now 3 weeks, and I'm still going strong. Have a baby question though, for us who start to panic when we see the HEPastat, Hepatrope getting low, do you or will you sell larger bottles, like maybe a 3 month supply??  OK, I'm done annoying you

God Bless

Oct 19, 2000

     First the most important thing, THANK YOU, GRACIAS, Lloyd for the discounts I've noticed on my bills from the 10% to shipping chargs, my you certainly make it easy to want to give you a huge ole' SMOOCH, and to help me get thru the money ordeal, thank you for NOT being a bureaucratic FATCAT!! and truely for caring, what ROB said  (I just read every word, as I check in with your link each day for up dates, actually I start my morning with you (no I don't have a cigarette afterwards-ha ha) yes ROB was right, it is expensive but so is death, and it is truely a personal choice.  I guess it comes comes down to if you want to lay down and lick your nuts or get up and fight, fight to the last breath, and I'd rather know I fought and lost, then to lay down and lick em', ya know???

     I have been reading quite alot lately from some friends from Autralia and BY Juang (can't spell for shit sometimes, but they are in military medical field) and have been e-mailing me info on stuff they are trying there.  Everything points to natural supplements, and I feel in about ten yrs, the medical field will have to own up.  Eventually more and more people will get smarter .

     Well, better get up to the house and get din-din started, last weekend I caught my limit in trout, so I'm baking potatoes and fish on BBQ.  Butchered one of my turkeys last sundaay, what an ordeal, like a one armed goat ropeing with a 22 lb water ballon that has feathers, YIKES!!  But I did it, did not barf, thought about it, but held it in, and finished the job, and its fozen now and ready for turkey day in NOV.  So till later big guy stay healthy and thank you again for the discounts.

Love S.

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