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Encouragement Letters

Hi Lloyd Wright!

We just looked up your website because my sister's condition has recurred.  She took interferon alpha 2-b recombinant for 13 months, kind of a problem, it held it off for 6 months, then yesterday they said it's come back and she's pretty devastated.  Unfortunately she lives in a very rural part of Washington, about 3 hours from Seattle, south of Port Townsend about an hour.  She can't drive because she's only partly sighted, and she has no medical insurance except Medicare through social security (because of her partial blindness).  Aside from the devastation of the treatment not working, she doesn't have much access to people for support groups, etc. and she can't afford a computer or to be on-line.  So I'm writing in hopes that you'll send her some information.  She's very interested in exploring the herbal medicine idea.  Her name and address are:
T.M. (addresses removed for confidentiality)

Thank you so much in advance!  Sincerely,  S.B., Long Beach, CA

Hello Lloyd,

I just wanted to take a minute and update you as to my situation. I have health insurance which I am sure provided padding through the ordeal of obtaining a referral from my Primary Care Physician to see a specialist that I heard of through a different Doctor's office. They, the specialist, sent me to the vampire for one of the many blood donations that I have given over the last few months. They, the specialist, ordered a liver biopsy that was
a lot of fun when performed on 10/16/00.  I want to know what shape my liver is in and hopefully get accurate information if that is possible.  I already know that the next step they, the specialist, are going to reccommend is the cure all wonder drug Interferon.  I like what I read in your book and they can take their Interferon and put it where the sun don't shine.  Thanks,


Dear Lloyd:

It is now approximately 4 hours after I received your book.  I couldn't really concentrate that well before.  Believe me, coming off these B.S. tranquillizers are not easy, but I'm trying to stay strong.  It is just another battle in my roller-coaster life.  I just wanted to thank you again for you kindness and dedication and for being a true human being that does things from the heart.  Your book is the most inspirational book and the humor in it is wonderful.  Hope to hear from you soon. (As I'm sure many people are!)


Hey Lloyd:

It seems as though I decided to come off drugs at the right time.  I keep running into more and more people that have cured themseleves of Hep C the Herbal way.  I mean hard core junkies that must have shot lethal doses of the virus into there veins!  It seems that 9 out of 10 people that take that Interferon stuff got miserable from it.  The other night at an N.A. meeting I met a guy that had Hep C and took Interferon with absolutely no positive results.  He now takes just "some" herbs and his counts went down.  I know people with HIV and Hep C that are doing fine on herbal remedies.  I really hope the future holds approvals for the so called non-traditional medicines!

Speak to you soon.

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