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Friends in Recovery!

Hey guy!

I cannot tell you how much i've  enjoyed reading your book,  I just received it 2 days ago and i cannot put it down, you crack me up,  I laughed my butt off!  Been in a bad mood for 6 wks.   your book is the only thing that has made me smile,  I hate having this disease  only found out 6wks ago and i have been on a pity pot ever since!  I went to the natural stores and picked up most of the items you mention,  I am gonna follow every step you took,  I had some dealings with the medical field myself,  at the ripe old age of 23 i had a hysterectomy and still to this day do not know why  :|    So I am staying as far away from them as possible!  I have one question (for now :) )    I am  a small framed woman that does exersize and i have never had a stomach,  well since taking the herbs and drinking lots of water gallons fresh fruits and veggies,  is it normal for my stomach to swell?   I'm not in the final stages of this disease was wondering if any of these herbs make you swell during the cleanse!  Also I have one cup of coffee in the morning is this ok!

Lloyd,  again thank you for your support and knowledge,  I consider you as one of my Angels!   Very excited bout your book, thank you for doing the work for the rest of us! 

Friends in recovery

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