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Until I came to Your Web Site


Received your book yesterday, finished it last night. I agree with your views of the medical machine..I gave blood back in 1981 and it came back hep non A or B. NObody knew anything, it wasn't until I heard about hep c (1993 or so)  that I got tested because I always wondered what non A or B was. (I had to force a doctor to test me..that really pissed me off because i got this from doctors, my appendix burst and I was in a hospitial for a long time and they were sticking me with needles every two minutes) So, I'm approaching 20 years or more with this thing, and getting sick of thinking about it. I have read everything all the foundations and the media have put out and since the cure rate was so low, and there was so many side effects, I never agreed to be treated. I have been in good health and I guess I thought I would do nothing, because there was nothing to do. That was until I came to your website.

The thought of getting this virus out of my body is really exciting. I know you have said that NATCELL is the way to go.  So, that would be about 16 vials a month, do you feel that you have to take it for 18 months, or could you do it for a few months then get your blood tested and see where everything is at?   Would an interruption in taking one vial every other day bring you back to square one?   Has anyone defeated the virus with anything less than a vial every other day, say once a week or two?  Anyway, sorry so long, my mind is just going in a million directions, and I want to try your treatment and I guess I would pay any amount of money to do it, it's just that I would like to know if you know how many people have tried your treatment and nothing happened, I mean as far as ridding themselves of the virus, I'm sure they all felt better from the herbs.

Thanks for writing the book.

P.S. One thing in your book I do not agree with..that women are overrated... you haven't met me... ha

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