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Jazzed to be Getting Better!

Hi, Lloyd,

 I just placed my monthly order and i wanted to just take a moment to give you an update on my condition.  You were right when you said i would have bad days and good days. For Twenty years i really never felt right and i never really slept thoroughly.  After being on the Nat Cell Thy for almost 2 Months things have dramatically changed for the better. Now i have one or two days of feeling crummy and then i get a little REM sleep at night and the next day or two are just great, physically.  Good then bad then good again.  My results came back from the gastro and my Viral load was 521,520 and My geno type is subtype  3a.  This was my first time running these two tests so i have nothing to compare as of yet.   The gastro did say that If i had Geno type 1a or 1b  this was the most common and the hardest to treat and it takes the whole 12 months to and only 28% success rate.

He said if i had the easier subtype of  2 or 3   that it was easier to treat and that i only needed 6 months of treatment and a success rate of 66%.  I wonder if this test of geno type tells anything substantial or not.  You did say that you had sleep problems also and I was just wondering what your type was?  Will I continue to get better?  I know that it is a chore to keep up on e-mail and the order of business, but at your convenience can you please get me a short note.

I just got your book back  from on loan to one fella and its going to some one else that has this dreadful virus. I also faxed info w/your order line to someone else to get the word out.

Just jazzed to be getting better,

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