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Loud Voice in the Dark

Hello Lloyd;

My name is C.T. 

Diagnosed with HCV in April of 2000.  Roaming the Internet for reasons you are all too familiar with having received "the sentence" from all the medical folks.

Found your site, bought your book, thoroughly enjoyed the irreverence.  I'm in construction too. Does seem there is a lot of that in the industry. And it was great to read someone else freely expressing feelings I hadn't quite gotten to putting in to words.

I'm writing to ask about how much milk thistle seeds you cook when you make the tea.I couldn't find the quantity in the book, bought the seeds, and am ready to go but not sure how tho get there. If you could let me know the volumes you use, I'd appreciate it.

I am overwhelmed by people like yourself who have been so generous and gracious in sharing their hard work and successes with those of us just entering the maelstrom. It is greatly appreciated. The quiet voice in the dark is so severly needed, and yours was great cause it was a loud voice in the dark, beaming  light.

Thanks for your time and generosities,



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