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Jane’s Story

Dear Lloyd,

In February of 1999 I was diagnosed with HepC.My viral load was 62,620,000 and elevated AST.

I began seeing a Naturopathic doctor right away and she started me on a program as follows:

Folic acid for immune system support
Silymarin for liver support
Cysteplus for liver detoxification
Selenium for anti-oxidation
Mitochondrial recusitate for cell support
Echatin plus as an anti-viral

I also began taking Ultra Clear and Ultra Fiber, which are designed to support metabolic detoxification. In October of 1999, 8 months later, my viral load had dropped to 39,610,000 and I was feeling pretty good.  I got busy with my life and sort of fell off the upplemental wagon, taking them inconsistently and completely stopped the Ultra Clear.Four months later I was feeling pretty awful, but made no connection to the herbs(or lack of, I should say). A friend told me of a doctor she had begun seeing who is reputed to be THE BEST, as far as HepC goes. She had just begun the combo therapy under his care. I made an appt. with him, and got my viral load and genotype tested. Well, my viral load had shot back up to a whopping 66,710,000, but the good news was that my genotype is 3a, which is one of the better responders to Interferon. So I went to see this Doctor who told me he could cure me, and wanted to schedule my liver biopsy right away. He was curt, condescending, and arrogant, and I could not imagine him being my doctor.  I never went back to him again. Instead I began taking my herbs and supplements again, faithfully, and changed my diet. On Sept. 25, 2000, 8 months later, my viral load was 30,965,000,and my AST and ALT are both in normal range again. It was finally beginning to occur to me that this is not a coincidence. I have to laugh at myself; I never used to miss taking my illegal drugs, in fact there were times when I actually set my alarm to wake up early to use! Yet I have trouble consistantly taking something that can save my life. Anyhow, about a week later I found your website and now have your book, an appointment with my Naturpath, and alot of hope!!

THANK YOU LLOYD for your book, for sharing your story with all of us, and for working so hard to make the products available at such good prices.  I'll be placing my order soon.


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