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Hello we are a couple in Van Nuys, California who are Hep C carriers.  We have been together for the past 30 years.  We contracted the virus through IV using when we where in our 20's.  Both of us have had two liver biopsys a liver scan and basically nothing else, including any type of information i.e symtoms or treatments from our liver specialist out of UCLA.  We both have been experiencing symtoms for quite awhile.  My wife more than I, until recently.  Stress and a  tragedy:  the loss of my wifes mom has us both going through "C" Hell.  A month ago I threw up 1/4 glass of vile, then a few days ago I had an episode that scared the hell out of me, my finger tips in my left hand went cold and at the same time my upper left quadron and around my spleen felt like i had hot coles burning.  I went to the emergency room, I filled out the questionaire, listed Hep C and was seen by a Dr. Caldron.  After listing all my symtoms he said that he believed they arrived from the Hep C virus, and went on to enlighten me in the real world of  "C"  all the symtoms and possible remedies.  He told me that  he could prescribe medicines but that he thought I should see a man named Steve at a pharmacy in Santa Monica.  Thus, I did.  Steve handed me your book, & suggested I start with Hepastat & Hepata Trope.

We have some questions for you concerning the way the detoxsification of your liver works when one has been on methadon maintance for many years and one starts taking detoxifyers, could taking them put you into withdralls?  Both of us have been at rather low doses, I m at 20 mil. and she is at 15 mil.  I am a working husband, in very competive selling of services., my wife cares for a large and hectic house hold, stress ilevels are always very high, we have two grandchildren, two daughters and  a son and all live with us.

We have read your book we are excited about the potential of finding a way to cope with this disease,  we each took 1 Hepastat and 1 Hepata Trope and we both felt better in the morning actually we both had the best bowel movements in a long time, this morning we both took 2 of each and I felt very good for a few hours but then starting feeling a litle down. Was it the
wrong food, or does the liver adjust itself by aching during its detox?

We both would like to ask you a thousand questions, we want to survive this we are concerned with the money question since we are two of us with the virus, not to forget the large family that solely relies on me for at least 80% of everything

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