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ALT & AST lowest in the past 5 years

Thursday September 14, 2000 a man who purchased Triumph Over Hepatitis C in early Feb. 2000, called me and shared his recent blood test with me.

He told me that his doctor had been his friend all his life. Five years ago his doctor told him to use interferon, as he was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and cirrhosis. He refused.
When he called me he was quite happy and had a very deep sense of emotional appreciation.  He told me his ALT and AST were lower than they had been over the last 5 years.

Blood Test 1/28/00 (before TOHC)
ALT 231
AST 129
GGT 221
Blood Test 8/26/00 (after TOHC)
ALT 72
AST 36
GGT 148

This man we will call R.G. did not do the entire program, but used most of the recommended teas and many of the supplements.
After seeing these results he immediately ordered the live cell thymus.
He also provided me with a HCV RNA PCR  1000000.

To receive this wonderful report from a man with cirrhosis is a spectacular event.  I wrote and have been professing that milk thistle tea and other items in my remedy can reverse cirrhosis.  His doctor wanted to perform another biopsy to check the cirrhosis, R.G. refused.
Blood Tests on file.

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