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Continued from Sept 18, 2000

No, interferon isn't even an option, he's too far gone to treat the HCV.  The ONLY thing they have even talked about is a transplant, he has cirrohsis really bad. the gastro said that HepC and alcohol are "deadly".  If he had known he had been infected he never would have drank alcohol. they drained 11 lbs of ascides off on the 9th of Oct (2-1/2 gals) and they estimate there is still 5 liters still in his abdomin.  The only thing that really gets me is they (doctors) only found all this shit out since 8/16/2000 and he's had it since 1972 and has been to many doctors over the years for his stomach and intestines.

D. found a website that is nothing but Vets with HCV.  He's still taking the milkthistle and drinking aloe but alot of the other herb upset him.  It's better since he is no longer working, but he doesn't have much energy.

Gotta get to work.

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