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Hope at Ending this Dreaded Disease

What an awesome book!!!

You should go on tour and start speaking to people to get the word out even more and to promote what you have discovered....Throw pie in the face of those wacky doctor's that are out there.

Anyway I was diagnosed with HCV a year ago.  I tried the combo therapy for a week and knew it was not for me.  It was almost impossible to do the therapy as I am a pilot for a major airline.  I had surgery for a deviated septeum about 10 years ago and I suspect that's where I contracted the virus.  Or it could have been a routine cleaning of the teeth at the dentisit's office.  I have taken supplements for about 25 years now and know that is best.  My viral load a year ago was about 75,000 and I have not had the symptoms except for an occasional upset stomach with no appetite.  I also have a rash on my hand that will not go away along with dry eyes a lot of the time.  Anyway I'm going back to the doctor on Monday November 20th and get another blood test done to see what the viral load is now.  I am planning to do your treatment to get rid of this terrible virus.  I plan on getting another blood test 3 month's after starting the treatment to see how I am progressing.  Any suggestions for me??

I hope I am a good candidate as hopefully my viral load is still low.  Again, I really appreciate your book and it has really opened my eyes and given me lots of hope at ending this dreaded disease.


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