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“I feel great and even
more productive than before”


Dear Lloyd,

I'm a 50 year old heating and sheet metal contractor.  I tested positive for hep c about six months ago.  I have never been  sick from it and I may have had it for 20 years or more.  I'm still not sure how I got it, but I did do I.V. drugs a couple of times back in the mid 70's, boy would I like to turn that clock back. I was an assitant medic in my squad in Viet Nam and they made us practice giving each other field iv injections and the needles were not always clean.  I had elevated liver enzymes in the mid 80's and my doctor told me to stop drinking for 6 months, but I pretty much ignored him because I felt fine. I've been pretty much a happy hour drinker (four to six pints of beer and a couple of shots a day) for the past 20 years. That's probably where alot of my liver damage came from. No alcohol for six months now and I don't even miss it.  This time when I had the high enzymes the doc did a hep c  test and it came back positve,  758,000 viral load - alt 85 - ast 74. So the doctor sent me to the Gastro man and he sent me to get a biopsy and it came - fibrosis with portal bridging.  He said that on a scale between 0 and 4 that I was a 2 1/2  and I should start the interferon injection torture ,immediately. I said screw you very much and made a B-line to a , Homeopathic MD that was refered to me by a friend.  He prescribed 10 autohem therapy sessions :consisting of  removing 200 cc of blood and running it through an ultra violet light chamber to kill virus and then pumping it up with ozone gas and putting it back in.  After every session I felt really energized.  My current protocol is:

Milk Thistle
Lipoic Acid
Vitamin E
Evening PrimeRose
Lauricidin Monolaurin
Licorice root
Ginko Biloba

1200 mg
1000 mg
400 mcg
800 UI
300 mg
1500 mg
3 spoons of the pellets
1000 mg
1000 mg
6 pills
1000 mg
1000 mg
1000 mg

I'd like to know if you have heard of Lomatium Dissectum for hep c. I was taking it in extract form until I developed a rash on my upper torso, front and back with weeping sores. I told my homeopathic doctor and he said congratulations. So he wasn't worried about it and in fact was happy, because my immune system was dumping toxins. I also see an accupunturist once a week.

I discovered your website and purchased your book, hepastat, thyumus, bulk licorice root,  bulk Riesshi mushrooms and C ASPA SCORB. Your book is very inspiring and I intend to add more of your herbal supplements to my regime. After to months of the current protocol my viral load is down from 758,000  to 575,000. I have every intention of beating this insidious, dark and evil virus.  In the beginning I had vissions of having to go through with interferon injections and having to shut down my construction business but with the natural course I free great and even more productive than before.  I would really like to hear from you LLoyd if you have time for a quick e-mail.

Yours Truly,

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