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Surgeon General & Hepatitis C

Dear Loyd,

Just recieved your book, its great.  Like most, I had a great hepatologist that gave me a death sentence and a magazine with Naomi Judd on the cover to read about this disease.  He hands them out in his waiting room like those magazines we read as kids in waiting rooms "Highlights Juniors" and found all the hidden things in the pictures.  Well the magazine on Hep was just about the same all mazes and questions, no answers at the bottom of the pages or anything.

After finding out I had the genotype 1a and doing research I felt the interferon combo was just a waste of time, money and sanity.  I did start seeing a Homeopath and I respect him, but, after eight months while the GT went down Im sure because I gave up drinking 14 months ago the other liver function tests have gone up.  My homeopath has a vision and Im sure it works with other dis "ease" to help the mind and then the body will get better, however, with this disease we don't have time to reach nirvana on earth we need a jump start. So I am going to start a program incorporating your suggestions.  My iron load is horrible over 250 so I am looking to find a phebotomist in my area. I feel if I can get that down my liver can start to heal rather than supply the virus with food for thought.

I wanted to let you know about this Report in my newspaper magazine section today. Parade Magazine Advocate Newspaper Stamford, CT..Intelligence Report.  "David Satcher, the U.S. Surgeon General, is short on Postage stamps.  Why should this concern you?  Well, Dr.  Satcher wanted to mail a letter to every US household warning of a potential health danger.  (The last time a Surgeon General did this it was C. Everett Koop, and the danger was AIDS.) Satcher wrote the letter but his budget doesn't have enough money left to mail it.  So well, Iíll tell you about it here.  The health danger is a liver disease known as Hepatitis C".  It goes on to tell you bits of info and sends you to a web site

Can you believe this?

Im sure you can but it just goes to prove your theory on  the sad state of affairs this country is in healthwise.  If you know of any Doctors in this area willing to treat this disease" could you let me know?  I Live in Greenwich CT and all I can find are anal doctors only willing to fight it with drugs that won't help.

Thank you for your book.

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