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Can Be A Lonely Disease

Dear Lloyd,
My husband was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 1998.  He is a child of the
70's and probably did contact Hep C via some sort of drug use. He has been
clean and sober for 15 years. I am a therapist at a treatment center for
drugs/alcohol/etc.  I have had some experience dealing with Hep B and C and now
of course others.  Anyway, C. had a liver biopsy immediately, and started
on the whole interferon, combo therapy.  I wish I had his lab work in front
of me...but I don't.  It was pretty servere though.  Long story short...he stayed
on the interferon/ ribiviron (spelling?) for an entire year of HELL.  He was reported to be Hep. C free.  Re-tested after 6 months, and yes...the disease is back..all the way back. The gastro wants to put him on a DOUBLE DOSE of the medication!!!  I can't imagine this, so I was researching the web, and found your site. Thank God!!  I ordered your book right away, and have read it cover to cover.  It is an awesome book, and funny too.  It really struck a nerve.  I am trying to convince and support my husband in NOT going back on the interferon.  HELP!!  He is a little weary. I know this is his disease, and he must manage it.  I can't do it for him.  But, I am really convinced your plan would help him.  He is reading your book as we speak.  Say a prayer for him if you would, and I'll let you know if he comes over to "our side". :)

Thank you for your book, and some hope.
I am grateful.

Second Letter

How awesome you responded so quickly!   Thank you!!
Of course, you may feel free to post my e-mail on the message board. I have read the messages, and they have been so informative and helpful.  It helps so much to know we are not alone.  This can really be a lonley I'm sure you know.  My husband is reading your book and likes what he is hearing.  However right now he is saying "well....I'd be setting myself up for failure if I tried to do this right before the holidays, so I'll start after the New Year."  Ugh!!

He is a wonderful man, but I'm afraid he is now a food addict.  He gave up all his other addictions to nicotine, alcohol, drugs of various hallucinogenic properties.  Now he loves his coffee and cream and sugar and pies and meat!  ( I on the other hand, am a recovering anorexic, compulsive exercizer!) What a pair we make, huh?  Anyway, I think the idea of giving that up is scary to him.  If he only knew how wonderful he would feel if he did!  Even though he is off the interferon....he is still experiencing extreme fatigue, nausea, headaches, skin rashes, among other things.  We have a three year old daughter (Savannah Faith) she is beautiful, bright and a ball of wild energy. She can't understand why daddy can't play with her very much, why daddy is tired all the time, why daddy doesn't feel good... I can buy all of the products you suggest, but can't force him to do what he is not willing to do, you know?   I will support him all I can. This has been so hard on all of us. I just want it to get better.

Thanks for being a sound-board for me!
Again, thank you for your book.

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