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Persistant Rashes

Hi Lloyd,

It was good talking to you yesterday.  You can't imagine how nice it is to talk to a real person, and a knowledgeable one about something that I've been in the dark about for so many years. One day you will no doubt have to hire a phone person, But I am very pleased to have the privilege of working with you personally.  It has been just over three weeks since I started your program and Im doing almost everything you suggest. I have left out one of the herbs, but Im even drinking the fairly disgusting mushroom tea! Thus far, it is difficult to tell if I have made much progress since I am still having some trouble sleeping, but do you want to know about one significant change?  Approximately fourteen years ago, I developed a rash in a specific area of my body.  This specific area doesn't often see daylight and I have treated it with all manner of medications, topically and internally.  It was very persistent and only responded to a strong fungal cream that I get from my vet for the dogs ears. This temporary relief would last one to three days.  So, to get to the point and to make this short and sweet, in this short period of time, the rash has for the most part gone!  I say most part because there is indeed scaring after so many years and a bit of redness persists, but no itching and weeping!!!  This must indeed be a result of the combination of herbs and vitamins that I have recently introduced to my poor, needed body.

Thank you Lloyd!


Message from Lloyd:

Many people with Hepatitis C experience many different rashes.  There are many people who call and email me regarding the disappearance of these rashes after starting my program.  It also happened to me.

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