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Subtle changes


Good Morning.  Hey, this morning my husband said something that really surprised me, about the subtle changes he has seen in me, that I did not see or recognize.  For the last 9 days we have had snow, tons of freezing rain and temps down to 20 degrees by early AM, and I have been putting on my winter clothes.  Well, Kenny said he noticed I don't gag from the turtle necks anymore, and he said I don't and haven't gagged in months when brushing my teeth either.  Ya know when things go back to normal you kinda forget that, but he's right, last year I fought shirts that were high around my throat, and brushing my teeth would sometimes make me gag (that intermittent nausea), but here I have been dressing in the mornings and Ken said "wow you can wear those again, huh?"   I didn't know what he meant till he told me what subtle changes he's noticed with me (for the good).  Cool, huh?   Well, had to share that with you, since you are the king!! 

Have I told you thank you this morning?

Stay well, and strong, love S.

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