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Message - More E mails

Just a few E mails of over 20,000
Wanted you to know that I have been on the program you suggested, plus a thymic formula from a Dr. Burgstiner in Georga, for a few days short of 3 months. I got my first test results today and my ALT count has gone from 398 to 37 I want them to test for the virus but they havenít done that yet.
Thanks for your help,


To J.H. from Lloyd
I would like to know if it would be all right with you if I print you email of June 29 on my message board? I will remove your name and email address and just leave your initials.
Please let me know.
Thank You


I would have no problem with that. I feel so great after getting some positive results that I want everyone to know. I went through the same thing you did with the combination therapy of interferon and ribaviron. It got so bad that I couldnít even brush my own hair. I still have trouble with my mood swings but I am more positive than I have been in a long time and I hope that will help
Thanks for your help

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