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Message - Just a few E mails

Just a few E mails of over 20,000
“I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you making your story available on the Internet.  When my husband was diagnosed with hepatitis C, the first place I went was the net.  I know that the AMA has only one objective; to keep their pockets filled while never ‘curing’ anything.  Although my uncle is head of Pathology at Penrose Hospital in Colorado Springs, and my husband’s brother is a doctor in Chicago, I have learned that the best ‘drugs’ for the human body are the natural ones.  When my mom was diagnosed 5 years ago with PBC, I worked hard to get her to go to a naturopath, which she finally did and for the past 3 years her enzyme tests have been normal.  She had a massive stroke in ‘75 and had been on so many drugs since then-no wonder her liver was compromised!  Have finished reading your book-what a nightmare you went through.  I am glad that you are well now.  When the GI doctor talked to us last week he, of course, said Interferon was the ‘only’ treatment.  I was armed with all the info from the net and asked him about natural herbal treatment, and this meek little man turned into a demon denouncing herbs and the fact that they are ‘not tested, regulated or pure’ and that he wouldn’t give ‘that stuff’ to his own wife.  I politely pointed out that all synthetic drugs pass through the liver and compromise it.  He made a few more comments about the ‘efficacy’ of Interferon, so I shut my mouth, realizing he was another closed-minded AMA robot.  He wrote in my husband’s records: ‘wife does not approve of treatment.’  GOOD!  I want them to be aware that I am not going to stand by and watch these VA butchers kill my husband.
Sorry this is long winded.  I am so grateful for all your research and compassion toward others that are suffering from this disease.  I am confident that the information you have provided along with a good naturopath doctor, that my husband will be cured.  Again, a great big Thanks!”

“I read, with great enthusiasm, your book on alternatives to the Interferon therapy.  I am now recovering form the horrible effects of trying that therapy and want to start your program.”
“I loved your book.  You are a real wit!”  SS via e-mail
“I have not taken the medications the doctors want me to because I am so afraid of them.  I chose to be on the herbs, Milk Thistle and Thymus that you suggested.  Thank you for all your information and help.  With people like you out there, life is still with us.  Please keep me in your prayers as you are in mine.  Lets beat this thing and help others beat it also.”
G.F. e-mail
“Hi, I started to read your book.  There are so many interesting things and this is a book from one patient to other patients.  This makes all the difference.  I was shocked when I was reading that your health insurance canceled your policy.  In Europe we don’t have the same system and you can always go to the hospital, even when you are without a job.  Keep up the good work.”
“I absolutely loved your book!  It is so inspiring, frank and hilarious.  You have an excellent sense of humor that I completely understand.”
“I have a lot of faith and I believe that it is not over for me.  I have begun taking Aloe Vera, Liver Detox and Milk Thistle because I nearly died from the Interferon combination.  I actually thought I was going to die before I got better and my doctor told me to keep on taking it.  I couldn’t even climb up the stairs because of weakness.  My liver and my stomach swelled and I felt lousy.  He told me that the herbs weren’t proven when I told him my body wasn’t agreeing with what he was saying.  My stomach is still a little swollen but not as bad and I don’t have any pain.  I lead a natural active life and this diagnosis has been devastating, but your book has given me hope.”
“Dear Lloyd, I have been taking live thymus every other day for 6 weeks and following your book like it is the bible.  Thank you so much for all of your help, time and effort.”
“I have hepatitis C and have been through all the conventional treatments of Interferon.  I initially had 6 months of injections of 3 million units 3 times per week.  But my counts still weren’t normal.  My doctor referred me to the University of Florida Shands teaching hospital where Dr. Gary Davis was conducting a study for Shearing Plough.  The study used the same treatment of 3 million units 3 times per week...when I still had high AST ALT levels, I was then given 5 million units 3 times week, until I developed such horrendous side effects that my doctor contacted Dr. Davis and had me removed from the study.  When I stopped the study my AST was 128 and my ALT was 189.  That was after several years of the Interferon combination treatment.  During the course of this extended treatment I got mouth soars, lost most of my hair, was constantly exhausted and sick to my stomach, and I became increasingly depressed.  I also saw things that were not there but in my case I had never experienced depression in my life and I am in my 50’s.  I now live with depression.  I had been told that Interferon would leave your body once you stopped taking it.  But in my case there seems to have been permanent damage to my brain pathways including the ones dealing with serotonin.  It also affected my memory and I now have ADD.  Since my liver is already in advanced cirrhosis I started taking Milk Thistle tablets as well as other parts of your program against my doctors advice.  My ALT is now 32 and my AST 35.  Of course my doctor still isn’t convinced and won’t be until it’s proven by medical science that your program, instead of a spontaneous remission, healed me.”
“Went home for lunch today and your book was on my kitchen table.  Would have gotten back to you sooner but I couldn’t put it down.  I have already read it and it was SOO funny!  It is great to see that you could preserve your sense of humor during such a crisis.  Thanks again and it was great reading.”
“I read your book and I really became enthusiastic over your method of healing.  First, have my congratulations not only for your efforts to survive but also for strength of your faith and hope.  To survive a serious accident followed by cancer and finally Hepatitis C is something extraordinary.  Second, it made me happy to see that you had retained your sense of humor in those bad times; only a strong person is able to do that.  I know I am not the first one telling you that your book, dealing with such a serious life-threatening problem like Hepatitis C in such a ‘smooth’ and almost entertaining way is something particular.  It gives enthusiasm to others suffering from the disease to try the same.”

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