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Message - Client Testimonials

The following is feedback I have gotten from my readers.  I hope that these testimonials will inspire hope in Hep. C sufferers and instill the determination necessary for your survival.
Client 1:
This 40-year-old female started my program on November 3rd, 1999 after having been diagnosed with chronic Hepatitis C.  Her blood tests at USC University Hospital showed that her ALT & AST levels were only slightly elevated but her viral load was over 1 million and she was anemic.  She complained of significant hair loss, irritability, rashes and a general feeling of discontent, naseousness and depression.  After starting my program she still complained about numerous problems, however, I attribute these problems to her use of Interferon.  On March 1st, 2000 she faxed PCR quantification HCV RNA by PCR QUANT showing <3.3 HCV non-detected.  “Thanks to you and your nutritional supplements, along with Interferon & Rebitol therapies, I no longer have HCV.”  She no longer experiences the rashes, sickness, nauseousness, and her hair has grown back.
Client 2:
This 37-year-old male had completed 1 year of Interferon/Ribavirin, which failed.  He started my program on 3-15-00.  His tests read HCV ULTRAQUANT-SPECIALTY HEP C VIRUS RNA ULTRA showing viral load of 953,710.  His ALT was 61 normal range 0-38.  His AST was 40 normal count range 0-40.  He followed my program precisely and a blood test 30 days later on 4-14-00 showed his viral load at 246,600.  This is a 75% drop!  His ALT went down to 18 and his AST down to 33.  He called often and followed my program precisely for 30 days. He then went to china town and was told some of the componets of my program could be reproduced for less money. His 60 day test reveled that his liver enzymes and viral load rose again.
Client 3:
49-year-old male tried Interferon/Ribavirin combo therapy for 6 months prior to starting my program.  His viral load was more than 1 million and was actually higher when he ended the combo therapy than when he started.  His AST was 88 (1-37 normal), ALT 165 (1-42 normal).  He started my program February 20, 2000 and his next blood test dated 4-21-00 showed a significant drop in his viral load to 742, 047.  His AST went down to 30 and his ALT dropped to 44.  This client reported feeling much better, having more energy, and was back to feeling ambitious again.
Client 4:
This 56 year old male tried 1-year combo therapy and it failed.  His Viral Load was at 220,000, ALT 166 (1-50), and AST 97 (0-45).  He indicated that he had been extremely sick, fatigued, and nauseous during interferon treatment.  He also stated that Interferon caused him feelings of hostility, aggressive behavior and caused him to perform acts that were outside of his character.  I received a call from his wife only 30 days into my program in which she reported that his “baseball under the rib syndrome”, which he had been experiencing for several years, was gone (swelling of the liver).  At 6 weeks into my program he stated, “I feel better than I have in 10 yrs.  I play golf 4-5 times per week!”  A blood test 8 weeks later revealed similar numbers as his previous test but he stated, “I am not unhappy with the numbers.  Even if they stayed the same I would much rather do this than Interferon.”  His test dated 6-6-00 indicated that his numbers did eventually drop, his ALT down to 78, his AST to 61, and his Viral Load at 200,000.  His doctor was happy with his improvement and told him that his liver was remodeling.
Client 5:
37-year-old Pharmacist started my program February 2000 after trying 6 months of the combo therapy.  His wife also called, informing that her husband was loosing weight and that his skin was a pale gray color.  He was consistently fatigued, unable to work a full day, and his personality was fading.  After just 2 weeks on my program another call from his wife confirmed that the color had returned to his skin and that he was feeling and acting somewhat healthier.  A 30-day call reported that he had begun to gain weight and that his personality was back to the way he was when they were first married.  He currently no longer feels sick, however, his blood tests indicated only a slight drop in his numbers (yet this information is reported form his doctor, client 5 never saw his tests).  This client continues on the program with great expectations.  He stated that he would “rather see a Veterinarian for Hepatitis C than a doctor.”
Client 6:

Wrote:  “I was writing to you back in October and you were incredibly helpful and supportive.”  Besides wanting to thank you, I also want to give you an update.  Since then my Viral Load has gone from 3,100,000 to 318,600-down 90% (depending how much one believes in that test).  My AST went from 36 to 29 and ALT 61 down to 43.  All of this in less than 10 months!  My feeling is that it is because of the Thymus, which is the only supplement besides Milk Thistle that I am diligent in taking every day.  I could go on and on but I want to tell you how happy I was to look at the same doctor who told me there was NOTHING I could do besides Interferon to lower my counts and have him read my results now.  Hope all is well with you and I was glad to see your web site up and running well.”
Client 7:
Wrote:  “Lloyd, I just returned from yet another visit to the Lexington medical center, where a few weeks ago I had another Viral Count performed and guess what...I am clear of the virus!  My doctor wants to do another count in 3 months to see if it is really true.  I believe that the herbs really helped.  He said if this was the same after 3 months that it was truly a miracle.  Thought I would pass that on to you.”
Client 8:
Started on my program in August, 99.  He had done a year of interferon and the combo therapy and expressed anger and hostility beyond his imagination. He indicated that his desire to kill just about anything became an obsession. He reported his intolerance to his doctor and the doctor prescribed a tranquilizer, and a mood elevator.  He was recently married and his wife, a registered nurse stayed with him; because she knew that it was the drug, not the man.
When he started my program he had been off the interferon for 3 month. His viral load was 2,200,000. His ALT 215 normal range 0-40 and his AST 210 normal range 1-35.  After 3 months he reported that his viral load dropped to less than one million his ALT was 115 and his AST was 100. In Feb. 2000 he reported that his viral load was less than 3.3 hepatitis c non-detected. His ALT was 18 and his AST was 12.  Client 8 reported to me that his doctor told him that he had the luck of experiencing a spontaneous remission.

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