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The Best News of My Life...

Many hello's to You Lloyd and to Aunika!

I have been way  too elated to get this to you!  I called you on December 22, my birthday, with the best news in MY life,  the results from my last blood test were in,   the news was, and still is, the greatest feeling i have ever felt,  my life has been changed forever, just 5months ago, I thought all kinds of things all at once,  I was so overcome by fear and confusion,  I almost gave up, I've been a runner for all of my life and this was not gonna be any different, or so I thought...something inside of me wanted to live more than I wanted to live,  it was the spirit of God, only the spirit of God could have caused me to get results this fast, results,  or prayers answered,  you go figure!  After what the Dr. offered me, I began a journey to find some help, some kind of sense of this whole hepatitis c thing,  I was scared to death,  all I had was a Dr. telling me that I had a bad disease, when I left his office, I never felt so alone, I sat in my car and cried very, very  hard for a good 10 min., I'll never forget...About 2wks later after reading all I wanted to read about the treatment plan offered to me by the medical people, I decided to get on the internet, after surfing around a bit, off into the hepatitis c planet I soared..For some strange reason :)  I was curious about one of the areas of the net to go to,  it was called "TRIUMPH OVER HEPATITIS C",  My husband and I got right into his site and ordered his book right away, it arrived at our house,  I made a decission to follow every step he took and by the grace of God, I  feel better, look better, and have a better outlook on life than I ever did!  And to all that read this, I'm not sitting down!  This is the first time I've been able to focus enough to send this e-mail to the most wonderful two people that I and my family have ever met!!  I thought I wanted to meet Tom Petty more than anyone in the world,  but not now, now I would love to meet Lloyd Wright and Aunika more than Tom Petty!  I've heard stories of other peoples heros, and now I have one of my own,  feels kinda neat!  I'm faxing my test scores to you Lloyd and Aunika, I hope you know how special yall are!  Now its up to me to also help in any way I can, (I promised God I would :) )

Everything happens for a reason, I'm so blessed to be a part of this patchwork blanket of recovery and am so looking forward to seeing others do the same.

Thank you Lloyd, words are not enough, your life helps others minute by minute!

God Bless you and yours,

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