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Not required to report to me...

Yesterday, December 20, 2000 I phoned a lady who has been on much of my program since August 20, 2000.

I called her in need of a telephone number of a person that she had referred to my program.  During our conversation she mentioned that in November she had blood tests performed.
Her viral load had dropped from 650,500 to 325,377.
Her AST dropped from 50 to 30 and
Her ALT dropped from 35 to 30.
This improvement took place in only 2 months.

I was prompted to ask why she had not called me to let me know of her results so I could share them with others.  My client stated that since she was the one who found my website, bought my book and obtained the products from me that "she did it" and that she was not aware that she was required to report to me.

I only bring this up because people often quiz me as to why I do not have more results on my website.  This conversation is a real world experience as to why I don't.

She did gracefully suggest to me that if I want people to report to me that I should send them quarterly report forms.  I wrote Triumph Over Hepatitis C and have a website so that people can be informed and learn that they can Beat Hepatitis C Naturally.  It is imperative that I learn of my client's success in order to spread the word

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