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The Best News of My Life...

A series of 3 emails sent from S.B.

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Hi Lloyd,

I am newly engaged to an incredible man who was told by his first UF researcher doctor that he was in beginning cirrhosis stage and not to do anything for one year (2 yrs ago). Last week a new doctor said that the tests results were actually Stage 4 and the only treatment option available is transplant! Is that prognosis reality, or have other stage 4s revived the organ? We are awaiting arrival of your book. By the way, a nurse at the previous facility let it slip that my honey was considered as a "control" for a new study coming consent papers were ever signed...the joys of being self-employed and on medicaid.


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Hi Lloyd,

This is in followup to our conversation of over a week ago. Ben said that he would write a tesimonial in 2 weeks after we return from our honeymoon. He is quite overwhelmed with the stuff remaining to complete, and won't add another thing to his plate.

First of all, I am a doctoral level scientist (neuro-behavioral), and am driven by data as an assessment of the worthiness of an intervention.  Since beginning the Nat Cell Thymus at Thanksgiving, there are times when Ben has been like a different (well) man. He began with the first 5 vials taking them 2 Xs per week (Thurs/Sun).  He found that he did not feel much different on the day he took the thymus, but consistently, he is feeling more vitality (in every way...I can attest to that!) on the second day, and then feels like he is "running down" on the 3rd day. After speaking with you, we made the decision for him to take it 3 Xs per week.  We will track his labs and send you raw data as it is available.  Last week Ben remarked that he felt well like he did 3 years ago before he realized he was sick. He has to be carefull not to overdo it on the days that he feels normal again, and we'll let you know how the 3 Xs per week is working...thanks for all your help.

You are an angel sent from God...have a Merry Christmas.

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Lloyd, God bless you and Merry Christmas...1 pm Eastern time tomorrow we get married...we think the Nat Cell Thymus definately gave us a more reliable and fun sex life!


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