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Third leading cause of death is medicine

Hello Lloyd,
I thought since we were unable to speak on the phone I would let you know a little about the type of care I give.  Most of my profession (as I did for years) performs spinal adjustments focusing on the bone out of place in order to effect the muscle and stimulate the nerve.  This type of care of adjustment works only because it effects the nerve function indirectly thus allowing the body to function at a higher level and heal itself.  The type of care I give focuses directly on the nerve function and therefore directly on the body's ability to recognize self and attack foriegn.  This type of care is cutting edge and has begun to grow rapidly throughout the profession.  Currently I am one of three doctors that utilizes this technique known as Torque method using Toggle Recoil.  I must congradulate you and recognize you for challenging the medical model.  As we know this model is set up to profit specific individuals and groups ignoring any other options no matter how well they might work.
This is what I do every day  of my life realizing that the 3rd leading cause of death in this country in Medicine.  Medicine is killing more people than AIDS, Hand guns, and traffic fatalities combined.  This is happening in part because of the continuing attitude you and I run into from the medical establishment.  However, the good news is that the American people are realizing this slowly and have visited more alternative care providers last year than medical providers.  The ones we need to convince are the
people as I believe only a small fragment of the medical establishent would even listen to what we have to say.  They just have to much time and money invested, to much to lose.

Thankful To People Like Yourself,

Remember Chiropractic is a heathly lifestyle and not simply sick care for back and necks....  Pat Gentempo,DC

Hi C.L.
Do you know any good DCs near Malibu. The one I use to go to has changed his practice to run between doors as fast as possible, spends 1 or 2 minutes on me takes 65.00 and that is it.  I would love to have someone who does what you wrote about.
I would like to post your email on my message board.  I would ofcorse remove you name etc, unless you would like it left on. Please let me know
Thank You for getting back to me

I will do some research and find a Torque Doc near you.  You are welcome to use my name and email address on your message board.  That would be greatly appreciated and anything else I can do to help a person in an absolute pleasure.  I always think of the story of the little boy who was throwing the clams back into the water on a severe low tide.  There were millions washed up on the shore and the old man walks by and says, "what are you doing?  you will never save them all!!!"  The little boy replies as he picks up another clam,"Yes but it sure means alot to this one."  That's us!!  We can't save them all but it sure does mean alot to the ones we can save and help save themselves....
Talk Soon,

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