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Possible side effects of
Rebetron Combination Therapy


Hello Lloyd,

If your goddaughter has her godfather's integrity she will do fine. I just wanted to say thank you and pass this along. I received a publication from the "Doctor" and it lists the following possible side effects of "their" combination therapy. I thought you might find this amusing and I am sure it will be interesting reading for others with this disease that are contemplating Interferon treatment. 

Some of the possible side effects of REBETRON Combination Therapy "Severe psychiatric adverse events, including depression, psychoses, aggressive behavior, hallucinations, violent behavior (suicidal ideation, suicidal attempts, suicides) and rare instances of homicidal ideation"    Sign me up.

 I am amazed that you went through what you did and did not kill someone.  Knowledge is power.  I am so glad that I found your website otherwise my ignorant self would be taking the poison that can cause the wonderfull sensations listed above.  Take care.


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