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Rosey Cheeks

Hello Lloyd,

I wanted to let you  know that I received all my products and began taking them. I did not expect to notice anything for a while, and I've had the flu for a week now, so I figured I was definitely not going to have any results at least until I was over that.  I passed by a mirror the other day and saw something that hasn't occurred naturally for so long that I was truly surprised.  I had rosy cheeks, color in my face!  I have been pale and wan forever!!  So this was a big deal to me.  Also,for as long as I can remember anywhere from 1pm on, I have had incredible mind numbing mental exhaustion in varying degrees, usually culminating with wondering if 5pm is too early to get ready for bed, having to force myself to go through the motions of accomplishing much of anything, like cooking dinner, or bringing in a little firewood, or God forbid, going to an afternoon appointment.  My day was pretty much over early in the afternoon

So my point is, this did not happen.  I didn't go to sleep until about 11:30pm, woke up at 4:30 am, stayed awake the whole next day without feeling the need to close my eyes even once, and didn't go to bed until midnight.  These are small things, but they're pretty important since they've been gone. These little things are part of what constitutes quality of life; my  "get up and go had got up and went",never to return it seemed, until I started taking the products,(especially the live thymus.)So in spite of having the flu and a bad cold, I FEEL BETTER!  I am so looking forward to having blood work done in 3 months, remember my viral titer was at 31 million, down from 66mil, and liver enzymes all in normal range, just from taking the supplements from my Naturopath.  So think what your program is going to do for me.

Thank you for your book, your website, and for sharing what worked for you.  By the way, I read WebMDs message and what I have to say is this...Before I stumbled across your website, I was getting all my supplements through my Naturopath  (at her cost, no mark up,)  as she is also my boyfriends Mother. And the price I paid was the same as it is through the hepatitis C pharmacy, so anyone who says this website was designed to sell product is just plain incorrect.  I appreciate having quality products all available from one source, at really great prices.And thats all I have to say about that! I'll be in touch.

Take care,

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