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What WebMD said...

Recently, WebMD reviewed  We have posted the review and Lloyd’s response to their review below.

The following was taken from

Topic: Hepatitis C: Caregivers and Family
Discussion: monmais (on Lloyd Wright's Program)
(by THanbey (WebMD)  10/8/00 1:20 PM

I visited and reviewed the site you gave and I have some comments.

1.  There are no credentials for Lloyd Wright on the site. There is mention of his expertise, but no supporting credentials. This concerns me.

2.  The "medical" people who are documenting his "recovery" do not use generally accepted testing (or they neglected to post it) for PCR-RNA to support the "cure" claimed on the site. Evidently, Liver Function Tests, and a possible biopsy(this is unclear) are used.

3.  The credentials of those doctors are not on the site. Are they hepatologists, naturopaths, PCP's? Is there any NIH, University or other independent verification?

4.  This is a commercial site designed to sell product. I do not see independent clinical data or any supporting evidence of effectiveness. I am interested in whether such documentation does exist. I do not rule out the possibility of this helping. But there is no scientific data to show one way or the other.


The following was written by Lloyd Wright in response to
monmais (on Lloyd Wright's Program) by Thanbey (WebMD).

1.  I am not a doctor; I make that clear in my book.  If I were a doctor, however, I would take the advice of Richard Fried and "dance" with my patients.  You see, a physician should lead this carefully designed and skillfully executed "therapeutic waltz", if you will.  They should strive to be the compassionate and skilled doctor-partner who can move their patient gently through the therapeutic process, understanding their partners' basic needs, fears and emotional prospectives.  Unfortunately, I am not this doctor.  Instead, I am the person who found an answer, the answer that has proven successful for 96% of people who had the persistence to follow the program for several months.  I arrived at this point when my doctors told me that I was not going to make it and that interferon was my only hope.  I eagerly started the Interferon treatment that my mechanic suggested and low and behold, after only a few days I felt like a completely new person.  I FELT HORRIBLE!  It was as if my kind and gentle soul was extracted from my body and that of Freddy Kruger replaced it.  Interferon was killing me and I could feel it.  It was then that I realized that I could not trust the drug companies' representatives-aka my doctors. I studied treatments for Hepatitis C in areas around the world and incorporated their successful practices and ideas.  I consulted with the finest naturopaths and nutritionists I could find and put together a program that I followed for 18 months.  I was certified cured by a Hepatitis C research doctor at UCLA on April 10, 1997.  I leave his name off my site and out of my book as per the advise of my attorney because I plainly state what the bastard said to me about my herbal treatment that saved my life.  He said that there are some people who believe that Elvis is still alive.  When I further attempted to inform him of what I did to cure myself, thinking this information would be useful as he was the one who could help countless people, he further stated, "Some people believe Elvis is alive and has two heads.  Take that money you are flushing down the toilet and spend it on a good psychiatrist."  I've spent much time and money researching this virus and discovered that it can, in fact, be treated with the remedy I describe in Triumph Over Hepatitis C with far greater success than anything currently offered by the FDA!  Those are my credentials.

2 & 3.   The medical people who document my recovery are M.D.'s, one N.D. and PhD's, whose credentials are posted on my site.  In my book you will find my blood work in addition to the Original liver biopsy, word for word, performed at Los Robles Hospital and I will take your advice and post these tests on my site.  Doctor John Finnegan N.D., Doctor Lyla Campbell Ph.D., Veterans Hospital in L.A., comment on my recovery at length on my site, stating my condition before, during and after treatment.  The credentials of Dr. John Finnegan N.D. are on my site and in my book.  Dr. Lyla Campbell's credentials are on my site.  I suggest that Thanbey couldn't find the appropriate amount of time to review the 300 pages on my site and then post an educated comment about it.  Thanbey asks, "Are there any…University…verification."  Again, the Hepatitis C  research doctor mentioned above did this blood work on April 10, 1997 at  UCLA, and this information is found on the site.

4.   Thanbey states, "This is a site designed to sell product."
Actually, Hepatitis C Free is a Non-Profit site created for two basic reasons:  First, by providing the items that I took to rid my blood of the virus I am able to help others who are faced with this terrible fate.  As I point out in my book, I had a difficult time finding and purchasing some of these items.  I even paid as much as $600.00 a box for the live cell thymus!  The first goal of my website is to provide the public with the products and the knowledge to heal themselves.  Secondly, the information I provide regarding Hepatitis C states real world experiences by real people.  I find it important to share their success using alternative medicine.  I also think it necessary to share people's real world experience with Interferon, the medical professionals' suggested "answer" to Hepatitis C.  I also like to inform that mostly every person that has tried it will agree that Interferon is a complete failure and even detrimental to their already deteriorating health.

Thanbey states he does not see "any supporting evidence of effectiveness."
I suggest that he read my message board.  I state "blood test on file" yet, I have never heard from him asking to see the evidence I provide.  I would like to say that I actually do appreciate this kind of critique.  I now realize that items may need to be clarified on my site but I do stress the fact that if one seeks, he shall find.  I am certain that one day WebMD will be commenting on the success of live cell protein. I figure, give them at least 5 to 10 years, if they're around that long.

I have one further comment regarding WebMD. I do not know this to be a fact,  but my web promotion firm told me that the only web pages listed before me on  Look smart was WebMD and those they were paying $ 50,000 dollars a month for the position.  Again, I do not know if that is true. But I can state that my site is and has been number 1 for one straight year on AOL, one of the few places on the web where sites are placed by popularity.  I would like to thank Thanby for his critique and also like to thank all the wonderful people who know and believe that there is more that the medical  community needs to learn about people and Hepatitis C.  I would also like to thank AOL for being the Great Place it is.

Lloyd Wright

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