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And now, 16 years later...

Hi Lloyd,

My name is T. and I have Hepatitis C, however, I do not know if it is chronic or acute.  I was 19 when I was told I contracted Hepatitis, but I don't remember if it was A, B or C.   All I was told to do at that time was to get rest until my blood tests proved that my liver was functioning normal.  This I did and I had not thought of Hepatitis since, until recently. I have been very tired the last couple of weeks.  I am 35 now (16 years later).  I work a minimum of 60 hours a week and I am very active in working out and jogging, but still the fatigue seemed excessive.  So remembering the Hepatitis, I decided to get another blood test, which of course showed up positive for Hepatitis C.  The doctor says that my liver is functioning normal according to the test, but he prescribed me a liver biopsy anyway, just to see how much, if any, liver damage has occurred.  He said no matter what the results of the biopsy, it would be his opinion to start combination therapy with Interferon and Ribavirin.
This is what brought me to your website.  I go on September 6th for the biopsy, which I am convinced is a good idea, but I am not sold on this Interferon.  When I asked my doctor about diet and supplements, he told me that sure, a good diet is good for my health, but in the realm of Hepatitis it will play a very insignificant factor.  He quoted "maybe 2% to 4%."  He also said, "Interferon plays a much bigger role, maybe 80%."  Not really taking all of his advise I started watching what I am eating, not to mention drinking 24 ounces of carrot juice a day along with 2 Barley juices.  This coming from a diet my brother told me about called the Halleluiah diet, which consists of all raw fruits and vegetables.
Please let me know the success you and others have had following the suggestions you show on this website.  And please let me know if it is possible to contact you personally by phone?  I am very confused about this disease and what to do about it.

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