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I've seen my dear friend go from standing on death's door to being a vital and healthy man again.  He did it by following a program that he has since written into his book, Triumph Over Hepatitis C.  Having been in the rock and roll business in the crazy 70's, I witnessed a lot of abusive behavior by people I admired.  Some of those people are no longer with us but many of them, like Eric Clapton (who's band I was in for 4 years), turned their lives around and totally cleaned up their acts.  Without the help that's available to people who need it and ask for it, I doubt many of us would have succeeded.  For alcoholics and drug addicts there is AA and NA, and various other support groups.  For people with Hepatitis C there is good proven advice in Lloyd Wright's book.  If you know anyone who is suffering from this devastating health problem, before you even go near Interferon, try everything else you can to help-including getting this book for them.  As I have seen in my friend, it WORKS!  Sincerely, Yvonne Elliman

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