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Alternative Route First

Dear Lloyd,

I just received your book yesterday and finished reading it this morning.  I am positive for Hep C and believe I contracted the virus between 1973 and 1983.  I have been totally abstinent form all chemicals including alcohol since December 13, 1983.  Also, I am presently completing my Doctorate in Counseling/Psychology and am Woner/Facility Director of a Methadone Clinic in Pennsylvania.  Many, many of my patients here at the clinic are positive for Hep C as well.

I just recently had my viral load done for the first time and the count was 21.82 million.  All other blood work including liver enzymes was normal.  I have had my enzymes tested repeatedly since being diagnosed in 1992 and they have been elevated only once.  My M.D. believed that I "just needed to have my enzymes checked and if they were normal then I was OK."  I have found out differently on my own.  So much for M.D.'s  and Hep C.  Also, I am not interested in any way of having a biopsy done.  In fact, I refuse.  I was considering the Interferon Therapy against my better judgment; however, I could not find a physician in the area who would prescribe the Interferon without a biopsy.  So, I decided to go another route.  There is an M.D. in the state of California that will do Interferon without biopsy, however, I'm in Pittsburgh!  Regardless, I am more interested in trying a alternative route initially, if this doesn't work, I'll then look into Interferon.

If your treatment is successful for me, I will inform my patients of what is available to them in alternative medicine.  I would like to treat myself first though.  Could you please let me know hot to go about ordering your products.  Your book was insightful, educational and to say the least, amusing!  Thank you for your commitment to helping others.

RS  M.S. Ed

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